Get Help with Towing in Corvallis, Albany, and the Surrounding Area
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Freebird Auto Body & Paint is well-known in the Corvallis and Albany, OR area for auto body work and auto painting as well as heavy truck repair. Did you know that we can help you with auto towing service? Whether you need heavy duty towing or a typical towing company to assist you, we can help with your needs. Contact us to book a personal consultation to discuss your needs. We are well known in this area for our collision repair, auto body painting, and heavy truck repair. In addition to helping you with towing, our company can also help arrange a car rental for you should you agree to have us work on collision repair or other services for your vehicle.


Because heavy truck repair is one of our specialty areas we know that towing needs for a heavy duty vehicle are specialized. We can help with this as well. Whether you can drive a vehicle into us for something simple like auto painting or minor body work or require a towing company after a serious collision, call us at 541.753.9354.


Finding an Albany and Corvallis Auto Towing Service


Finding an auto towing service in Corvallis or Albany when you need it shouldn’t be complicated.  Talk to us about your needs and we can help you with arrangements. If you need an estimate for insurance or for us to work directly with your insurance company we are happy to do that. We offer written guarantees on our work and have a positive reputation and experience that spans over 3 decades and would be pleased to help you.

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Get Help with Towing in Corvallis, Albany, and the Surrounding Area